What is a Service Contract & Why Do I Need One?

We are so glad you asked. A service contract from Preferred Medical Systems is like insurance for your ultrasound system. We offer two levels of protection – Quality and Premium, and at either level we guarantee to never let any system covered under contract to be down for more than 72 hours MAX. If we cannot get you up and running like new within 72 hours, we will provide a loaner system until we get you fixed up. In addition to responding quickly to any service issues that come up, we offer a yearly Preventative Maintenance Plan. This is done to make sure your ultrasound system(s) perform as well or better than they did the day you purchased them.


  • Console parts & labor
    (up to 3 service calls/year)
  • 1 transducer exchange per year
  • Annual Preventive Maintenance
  • Field Engineer on site within 6 hours
  • Labor and parts discount 30%
    (after 3 calls/year)
  • Loaner system for outages over 72 hours
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PremiumMost Popular

  • Unlimited Parts/Labor
  • Unlimited transducer exchange
    for normal failure
  • 1 transducer exchange for accidental failure per year
  • Inspection, calibration and verification
    of system operation
  • Loaner system provided for system outages exceeding 72 hours
  • Field Engineer onsite within 6 hours
  • Priority parts delivery / locally warehoused parts
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Preventive Maintenance

  • Annual Inspection, Calibration, Clean Air Filters & Inside chassis, Verification of the System Performance & Operability.
  • PMs Scheduled during Weekdays: 8am-5pm, Monday – Friday, excludes Holidays
  • 20% Discount on Parts and Labor for any Service Call
  • Maintenance services provided by Samsung/Medison Factory Trained Service Engineer
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Why do you need a service contract from Preferred Medical?

For those who are more concerned with the risks involved in not having a service contract as opposed to the benefits of having one – take a look at this:

Common Service Calls and Associated Out of Pocket Cost
Transducer Replacement$9,500 – 14,500
Power Supply Replacement$6,500 – 9,500
Bad Beamformer$9,500 – 17,500
Bad PC Board$6,300 – 8,900

These are conservative estimates and the cost is dependent on part availability and travel time as well.

There will be a few who say, “My system has never had any problems. I don’t need to pay x amount just in case something were to happen.” This is usually followed by wood knocking and shortly thereafter, a phone call to us asking if we can come take a look at their ultrasound system or a transducer that stopped working properly. Please don’t be one of those poor souls. We love you, and we don’t want to see you get hurt by high, unexpected out-of-pocket service costs. So please don’t wait. Give us a call today and let’s get all your ultrasound systems covered by one of the industry’s most comprehensive service contracts, and start experiencing the difference of being preferred.